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Why Learn Spanish with Us?

There are lots of great reasons to learn Spanish with us, but here are just a few:

/learn/Great Prices
Fantastic Prices - Take our 8 week courses from just $169 per level when you purchase one of our packages!
/learn/Great Locations
Great Locations - We have schools in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth CBDs.
/learn/Learn Quickly
Learn Quickly - We have streamlined the learning process to get you speaking from DAY ONE!
We have lots of courses running at any time and allow you to swap classes whenever you need to.
/learn/Own Textbooks
Rather than having to buy expensive textbooks, all our courses use our own materials which you can buy very cheaply ($15) or print out yourself for free!
/learn/Native Teachers
All our courses are run by experienced native teachers who will not only teach you Spanish but many fascinating things about their countries!

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Why Learn Spanish at all?

Watch the video below on why one of our students, Sally Gordon, is learning Spanish:





Want to be a traveller - not a tourist?

- Over 400 million people and 21 countries have Spanish as their native language.

Learning a language will help you become part of a culture and country rather than just an observer

- Latin America is one of the most beautiful, fun, and cheapest places on the earth to travel. However, only 5% of people there speak English. With a bit of Spanish - you'll be able to get around easily. 


Learning Spanish makes you smarter!

- People with a second language have been proven to score higher on acadmic tests.

- They also make better decisions, are more able to multi-task, and have better concentration and memory.

Being bilingual can help stave off conditions such as dementia and alzheimer's. 

- Learning a second language will help you to understand and speak your own language better.

- It will also help you learn other new languages much easier. 

There are many studies which prove these benefits, but for a general overview read this article:

Want to Get a Better Job?

In this rapidly changing world, nobody can be sure of employment. Learning another language will greatly enhance your chances of getting not just a job but a great job

- Apply for jobs which require you to speak Spanish here in Australia.

- Work in Spain or Latin America where the demand for native English speakers who also speak Spanish is very high. 

- People with a second language earn a higher salary on  average than those with only one language.

- If you want to make a difference in the world - speaking Spanish will allow you to help out in poorer regions of Latin America that are desperate for volunteers.


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How to save time, money and energy when learning Spanish...

  • All of us here at The Spanish Cat are experts in our field, and all of our teachers are highly qualified, highly experienced, and super friendly, who will make learning a breeze!

    We often get asked by potential students "I have found a native Spanish speaker who will teach me cheaply, why don't I just go with them?"  Many people think that just because they can speak a language also means they can teach it, but unfortunately that's just not true. Save yourself a lot of time and frustration, and learn from someone with the knowledge to teach you in the quickest, easiest manner possible, the first time around.

  • We will get you speaking and understanding Spanish from the very first day. We have developed our own teaching method which is fun, FAST, and interactive and gets you speaking from DAY ONE.

    Another common question we get is "I've got Duolingo (or something similar) on my phone... Can't I just learn from that?" While apps and other tools provide great practice, unfortunately our "smart" phones are still not smart enough to have a conversation with us, and for that you need a teacher :) 

    Aside from that, most apps and other tools are designed simply to teach you vocabulary, whereas to learn a language properly you also need to learn grammar. Learn the rules of the game, and everything else will follow naturally.  

  • We have our own text books specifically designed for our courses.

    Most language schools require you to purchase text books on top of the course fee. Not only that, but those texts are usually designed for high school or university students, who are learning every day.

    We have developed our very own curriculum that is targeted precisely at people studying just once or twice a week who want to learn to speak as quickly as absolutely possible.

    And the best part - they're FREE with all our courses! We'll send you a PDF of each level and you can just print them out yourselves.

    Other reasons to learn Spanish with us: 

  • Our prices are excellent: from just $169 per person for an 8 week course! If you purchase one of our excellent packages, you can make the most of amazing discounts. 

  • Lots of Options - we run hundreds of classes throughout the year and have a wide range of times and levels to choose from, so there'll always be a course to suit you.

  • Great locations - with schools in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, there's bound to be one near you!  If not, check out our online course!

  • Flexibility - we allow you to swap classes, nights or levels without any extra charges any time you like.



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