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Our Spanish Course Options:


We have 8 simple levels for learning Spanish.

See our LEVEL DESCRIPTIONS in the MENU above


We have a range of different class options to suit every schedule:

  • 8 Week Courses - Take it easy! These cover our standard levels. One night a week for 8 weeks (1.5 hours per class)

  • 3 Week Course - In a bit of a hurry? We also cover our standard levels in these courses (Melbourne only - 4 hours per class)

  • Private Tutoring - Get a truly personal Spanish learning experience, at a time that suits you (learn via Skype from any location)

  • Corporate Classes - We can tailor a package to your needs.

  • Online Courses - Can't get to one of our schools? Learn Spanish online at your own pace.


8 Week Courses:

What's covered in each course?

Each course covers one of our levels (see our level descriptions in the menu above).

There are 8 levels in total. 

Hint: If you're a total beginner, then choose Level 1A :)

How long do they go for?

Each course consists of 8 x 1.5 hour classes, run on the same day/time each week. 

Total: 12 hours class time.

How many students does each class have? 

There are 6-12 students per course.

How much do they cost? 

If you pay for each course separately, the cost is $239 per course. However, you can get great discounts by purchasing one of our packages HERE and pay as little as $169 per course. 

Do I need to buy an expensive text book?

No! A free PDF document of the course book for each level is provided, or you can pay $15 extra to get a printed copy. 

Great! I love you guys already! How do I book in?

View our booking calendars by clicking your city (only the first class of each course is shown here - but as we said above, the course goes for 8 weeks on the same day/time each week):






3 week Courses:

This course consists of 3 classes of 4 hours, run at the same time on the same day each week (usually on Saturdays).  Total 12 hours class time. Because they are longer classes, we break them up with snack time and some fun activities. 

View our booking calendars by clicking your city:



Private Tutoring:

Have a tight schedule? Want all the attention for yourself? Need to learn quicker than our courses allow you to? 

If you want the most personal, exclusive service that we offer, then we can give you private classes with some of our most qualified, experienced, and fun teachers.

We will use the same curriculum we use for our general classes, but tailor it to your specific needs.

Private classes are conducted via Skype so can be organised at a time to suit you and in ANY LOCATION YOU CHOOSE!

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Online Course:

For beginner students, we have created a fully interactive online course with audio, video and online quizzes to test your knowledge. Packed with great exercises and a wealth of grammar and vocabulary, this is the perfect way to get started on Spanish from home, or use in combination with our classroom and Skype courses to accelerate your Spanish learning. 

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Corporate Classes:

If you would like to learn Spanish at your workplace, we can tailor a package exclusively for you. Contact us for more details.