Our Melbourne Spanish Teachers:


Marcela Rodríguez

Nationality: Colombian

Education: Postgraduate studies

Teaching Experience: 

ESL teacher – Jerome Elementary School – Idaho, United States

Private Spanish Tutor – Colombia

Private French Tutor – Preparation classes for the DELF exam – Colombia

Private Spanish Tutor – Melbourne, Australia

Tutor at The Spanish Cat Language School – Melbourne, Australia

What do you like most about teaching Spanish?

Having the opportunity to teach my native language, Hispanic history and culture is very rewarding. Nonetheless, my main motivation is being able to successfully transmit knowledge and appreciate the results among students.

What do you think you offer your students:

I strongly believe that by having as much fun as possible, people will learn faster and more effectively. I provide a comfortable environment for the students of all levels, where they are able to participate, interact with each other and learn through an array of activities designed to enjoy learning a new language. 

How would you describe yourself?

I like having lots of fun while teaching. I’m very committed to my work and I’m always willing to solve enquiries and help students improve. 


Juan Angel


Nationality: Colombian

Education: Bachelor in law who currently finished his music industry masters degree

Teaching Experience:

I have been teaching Spanish for over two and a half years in Australia, to different groups and individuals including government officials, kids and adults. As well, I taught English in my native country for over three years.

Hobbies: Music of course, Fútbol (soccer, as you guys like to call it) and learning new stuff.

What do you like most about teaching Spanish?

I really enjoy helping people improve their Spanish skills. Hearing my students speaking proper Spanish is one of the most rewarding things about this job. As well it is fun to talk about music, politics and lifestyle with a little bit of humour on the side.

What do you think you offer your students: 

Heaps of energy, patience, commitment and an array of methods and tactics that will help them improve in no time. As well I’m the kind of guy that likes to explain the difference between papa and patata (both terms for potato) or the story of Arab influenced words like almohada (pillow). I’m just that fixated on the language! 

If needed, I can teach legal and business Spanish.

How would you describe yourself?

I’m a down to earth person, outgoing and didactic. I’m always explaining things, even out of the classroom. I like to think that I have a sense of humour but you would be the judge of that statement. Also, I’m not afraid to go the extra mile to make sure my students learn everything I teach them.


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